Comfortable with the older, thrust forward designs but want INNOMAG quality? The U-mag series is your solution. Made with the exact same high quality materials as the TB-mag but designed for smaller and more refined applications.


The U-mag series is offered in a variety of fluoroplastic materials including High Purity PFA for ultra low contaminants (ppb).

  • Compact, heavy duty, non-metallic magnetic drive pump.
  • Universal flange design - meets ANSI, ISO and JIS piping connections.
  • Fluoroplastic ETFE and Ultra High Purity PFA provide universal chemical compatibility.
  • Powerful neodymium magnets provide maximum torque up tp 14 hp (10.5kW).
  • Pump housing based on modified concentric volute to minimize radial loads and help extend bearing life.
  • Cantilevered pump shaft allows for full opened pump suction, providing for the lowest NPSHr.
  • Designed for easy pump service (if required).
  • Liquid end and drive end independently serviceable.
  • 100% replaceable wear parts including all rotating and stationary rings.
  • Heads to 165 ft (50m) / Flows to 450 gpm (102 m3/hr).